What is resolution in Chromatography.

Resolution in chromatography means the degree of separation of compounds of similar character. Resolution (R) is expressed in terms of retention times (Rt) and peak widths (W).

If two peaks have peak widths W1 and W2 and the respective retention times are t1, and t2 then the resolution (R) of the two peaks is given by $$R = \frac { 2\left( { t }_{ 2 }-{ t }_{ 1 } \right) }{ { W }_{ 1 }+{ W }_{ 2 } } $$

When two components in a sample are poorly resolved the peaks overlap to an extent that makes identification and determination of the components impossible.

Resolution can be improved by
1. changing the temperature,
2. decreasing height of column or increasing the number of theoretical plates

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