What are the Applications of TLC?

The technique of TLC was developed by Egon Stahl. It is example of partition chromatography.

The Applications of TLC are:

1) The scope is very wide, large no. of the components can be analyzed accurately.

2) If any impurities are present in the solvent can be detected.

3) The phenomenon is used for the analysis of drugs and plant extracts.

4) Biochemical compounds can be separated by this phenomenon.

5) The phenomenon is used for the analysis of plasticizers, inks, dyes etc.

6) It has extensive applications, in the inorganic separation.

7) The non-volatile compounds which cannot be separated by GLC or GSC, can be analyzed successfully by this method.

8) TLC is increasingly employed for isolation, purification and identification of various classes of organic compounds for e.g. Acids, Alcohols, glycols, alkaloids, amines, phenols, proteins, amino acids etc.

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