Making Sense With Tense – 4

Simple Future Tense

Example sentences
Radha will become a storyteller.
Misha is going to meet him soon.
In the first sentence, will indicates a person’s conviction, pursuit, a resolution or just a plan of action.
In the second sentence, however, is going to indicates that the speaker or does of the action has planned for the future action.

Future Continuous Tense

Teena will be sharing her ideas with the team.
Nishaanth will be coming here next month.
The action that has to take place in the future is being spoken about in progression.

Future Perfect Tense

I will have completed this project by next March.
The scientists will have found a solution to global warming by June this year.
In both the above sentences, an action in future has already begun in the present or past and the speaker intends to complete the action by a particular time in future.

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