Explain Retention Factor (Rf).

In paper chromatography and TLC, when the solution is placed at the base line, the solute and solvent travel some distance. The components from the solution will retain on the paper or TLC. The degree of retention is expressed in terms of one factor which is known as Retention factor.

Retention factor is defined as the ratio of distance traveled by solute to distance traveled by solvent. $${ R }_{ f } =\frac { Distance\quad traveled\quad by\quad solute }{ Distance\quad traveled\quad by\quad solvent } = \frac { x }{ y } $$

During a chromatographic separation of components A and B. The distance travelled by solvent is 4.7cm and that of sample A and B are 4.1 and 1.8cm respectively, calculate the retention factor for each component.

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