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Write a Note on Flame Photometric Detector.

Write a Note on Electron Capture Detector.

Write a Note on Thermal Conductivity Detector.

Write a Note on Flame Ionization Detector.

What are Applications of Gas Chromatography.

What are Advantages of GLC over GSC.

Explain Construction and Working of Gas Chromatography.

Explain the basic principal of gas chromatography.

Write a note on Column Capacity.

What is Retention Ratio, Retention Volume and Retention Time.

Explain Retention Factor (Rf).

Explain Plate Theory of Chromatography.

What are the Applications of TLC?

Describe the principle and working of Thin Layer Chromatography

Describe the Applications of Paper Chromatography

Describe the development of paper chromatogram.

What are Limitations of Rotational Spectra?

What is Isotopic Effect?

How Bond Length can be Estimated from Rotational Energy Changes.

Expression for The Frequency Separation of Rotational Spectral Lines.

Selection Rule for Rotational Spectroscopy.

Expression for the Moment of Inertia of a diatomic molecule.

What is Spectroscopy? Discuss different molecular Energy Levels.

What is electromagnetic Radiation?

Population Growth

International Agreement

Environmental Legislation

Environmental Movements

Ozone Layer Depletion

Acid Rain

Green house Effect and Global Warming

Radiation Pollution

Noise Pollution

Solid Waste Management

Soil Pollution

Water Pollution

Indoor Air Pollution

Air Pollution

Conservation of Biodiversity

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